Ep. 44 – How to get into OncoPT part 2 – 5 tips if you already have a PT job

Graphic: How to get into OncoPT part 2 - 5 tips if you already have a PT job

Occasionally, listeners will ask me about how to break into oncology physical therapy if they already have a PT job. Maybe their workplace doesn’t have a large oncology patient population just yet or these patients are seeing other therapists within their unit or clinic. Let me say this: there’s enough for everybody. Even if there aren’t that many patients yet walking in your doors or laying in your hospital units, there are SO MANY of these patients out there who need your help! So get out there & start treating them!

Here are my 5 tips on how to get into OncoPT if you already have a job:

  • Let your supervisor know – logistically, they have to know to put these patients on your schedule
  • Reach out to referring providers – oncologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc. who work in oncology
  • Reach out to survivor support groups & resources/organizations – they can also help funnel patients
  • Give an inservice – a more educated community will more easily find their way through your doors
  • Continuing education courses – educate yourself & connect with others!

In last week’s episode, we covered how to get into oncology physical therapy if you don’t have a job just yet. Listen to Ep. 43 here!

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