Ep. 42 – Maple Tree Cancer Alliance – Karen Wonders, Ph.D.

“Everyone who has cancer should have the opportunity to participate in something like this.”

Once patients are done with cancer rehabilitation services, they need to keep exercising. We know this. What we may not know is how to make this actually happen. Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is bridging this gap for patients by providing community exercise programs to promote overall fitness & wellness during & after active treatments. Founder Karen Wonders, Ph.D. stopped by the podcast to discuss Maple Tree’s work & how you can ensure your patients aren’t falling through the cracks once they are done with your services.

Karen’s Bio

Karen Wonders, Ph.D., is the Founder and Director of Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, and Professor of Exercise Physiology at Wright State University. Her passion is to advocate for exercise as part of the national standard of care for cancer. Maple Tree provides free exercise training, nutrition counseling, and emotional support to thousands of cancer survivors every month at several locations across the US. and has been awarded “Best in Dayton” for Health and Fitness six years in a row. Dr. Wonders is committed to evidence-based practice in her facilities, and has a robust research program that has published two text books, four book chapters, and more than 70 peer reviewed manuscripts on the topic of exercise and cancer recovery. A gifted communicator, Dr. Wonders has given numerous professional presentations on the national, state, and local levels, including a talk at TEDxDayton on Exercising through Cancer Care. 

2:14 The Maple Tree Cancer Alliance

9:00 Maple Tree’s research into patient outcomes

10:42 Maple Tree logistics: how people participate, the phases of Maple Tree, & where Maple Tree is headed next

17:26 What happens for patients who need cancer rehabilitation services instead

19:10 Karen’s words for OncoPTs: transitioning patients to community exercise & advice on oncology as a calling

25:50 The Nicholas Cumer Scholarship Foundation

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