Ep. 20 – Why I started TheOncoPT Podcast

Thank you.

Thank you for visiting this page today. Thank you for believing in this podcast. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for serving your patients, every single day.

I’ve told this story to friends before, but not yet to you.

This podcast was born out of deeply disappointing news: I wouldn’t be able to serve oncology patients unless I moved very far away. I was a 3rd year DPT student at CSM in NOLA 2018, & I was excited to start the next season of my life. I had everything planned, like the gold (True Colors, anyone?), type-A person I am: I would move back to Fort Worth after graduation, start working in oncology physical therapy, get engaged, get married, rule the world, etc., etc. But after being told that I had to move to at least Houston, if not the East Coast to serve these patients, I was crushed. My plans went out the window at that moment, & I don’t do well without plans. I probably spent the rest of that hour in a daze, but before the next speaker even started the introductions at our next session, I was already brainstorming some law & order into the chaos of my mind. It took me a few months to realize my love for podcasts would be the perfect medium for this platform, but things came together quickly after that.

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

I believe this quote with all my heart, mainly because of how many times it has held true in my life. While not the original plan back then, today I’m over the moon with all the guests I’ve interviewed & all that I’ve learned so far, while excitedly looking forward to what I’ll learn next. And that timeline I shared earlier? I wasn’t even close to getting it right anyways.

Have ideas for future episodes or guests to interview? Email me at TheOncoPT@gmail.com!

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