Ep. 180 – The Ins & Outs of Compression Bras

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Compression bras are a mainstay of post-breast surgery care.  But there’s a lot of nuances that every OncoPT should know about.

For example, sports bras are NOT the same as compression bras – that’s a rookie mistake I made again & again.

Welcome to this episode of TheOncoPT podcast. I have my longtime friend Rocky Storm here from Prairie Wear. Rocky is the co-founder of Prairie Wear, which is this amazing company that offers compression bra solutions. It’s one of my favorite lines of products to recommend to my patients. 

Prairie Wear consists of people that came together to do good in the world. Their entire approach is to answer how can they assist medical professionals in helping patients get better? And how can they make our lives easier while doing that? And that goes all the way from the ordering aspect of it, how they run their business, minimum packaging, all the way to creating something that will work to help us in helping our patients. If people feel better, they’re gonna get better. This is represented in every aspect of Prairie Wear.

We discuss what makes this product so unique. What is a compression bra? What do we need to look for in a high quality product? And not just what to look for, but why. Another point we discuss is the difference between compression bras and sports bras. This is really important. And then how many prototypes did it take to get where they are today? And why feedback is so critical.

Prairie Wear is located in 7 different countries now. They can be ordered online at https://www.prairiewear.com/. There are also boutiques where you can get fitted, which is recommended for most people.

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