Ep. 167 – APTA CSM 2022 Recap

APTA CSM 2022 did not let me down.

You probably know CSM is like a second Christmas to me. The conference sessions, the section meetings – it’s the (second) most wonderful time of my year.πŸ₯³ I got to finally connect with many people that I had been chatting with online for so long – it was so cool!

Now, instead of listening to me go on & on about how amazing this conference was, I brought my phone with me & chatted with five amazing PTs that I had the honor of meeting in person.

​​One of the most impactful experiences of this conference that I was not prepared for was the amount of people who came up to me and said they had listened to the podcast or taken a one of my courses. I honestly think that was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. It has been an honor to be a part of this community. 

Dr. Tori Crook, PT

Which session was your favorite? How to incorporate cancer into the DPT curriculum as a scribe. Let’s stop teaching oncology and cancer from a fear perspective. 

Your biggest takeaway from the conference? The importance of networking.

Dr. Alexandra Hill, PT 

What was your favorite session? I found it hard to select just one. The nutrition & pain lectures were amazing since they gave me some great ideas on how to improve my oncology mentorship

What was one takeaway from the conference? I’m so inspired by the students, how eager they are to get their foot in the door, & how we can support them as a community.

P.S. Want to see how our meeting in real life went?

Instagram: @oncopelvicPT; Website: oncopelvicPT.com

Meredith Stutz, SPT

What are you enjoying about CSM this year? This is my first time attending. Overall, I’m enjoying myself. I feel that it has been very invigorating & helpful to push back the feelings of burnout that I think many students are experiencing at this point in their studies. It’s given me joy and passion for new things I didn’t even know were possible.

What is your favorite session? Shana Harrington & Chris Wilson discussed what is needed in DPT curriculums for oncology practices. As a student, I hope to contribute to this process in the future. 

Instagram: @APTAOncologySNP

Dr. Kayla Gault, PT

What was your favorite session? The high intensity interval training for special populations. In addition to oncology, they also outlined exercise guidelines for chronic diseases, especially since working with cancer patients involves many comorbidities at once.

What is your biggest takeaway? It was a great way to reignite the fire & passion. It got me thinking outside the box.

Twitter: @kaylarachelDPT

Dr. Abby Geiger, PT

What was your favorite session? The Memorial Sloan Kettering group gave a lecture on the head & neck. I learned so much outside of the outpatient setting, & I am looking forward to bringing it back to our practice. 

What was your biggest takeaway? It was exciting to meet so many people interested in oncology & to see so many students. 

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