Ep. 160 – Happy THIRD Birthday, TheOncoPT Podcast!

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Happy 3rd birthday to TheOncoPT Podcast!

The idea for this podcast came to me just after I had landed my dream job. As I walked into my first day, I felt confident & on track. On my way home from my first day, I broke down & cried. I realized that my dream job left me feeling like I was flying by the seat of my pants. 

I realized as I drove home that others must be feeling the same way I was. One of my favorite pastimes is listening to podcasts. So I looked for an oncology physical therapy podcast…and nothing.

There were no podcasts that were geared towards what I was looking for as a support for me & my patients. So if I couldn’t find a podcast to help me, I decided that I would make one!

As soon as I got home, I told my newly engaged finance about my podcasting plans, as I knew this could be useful to others. After hearing about my plans, he surprised me with a microphone on my birthday. 

My goal was to help physical therapists who felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or alone when dealing with oncology treatment. I didn’t want anyone to feel like I did. In an effort to help others support their practice, I launched this podcast. It went live on December 5, 2018. This passion project has grown into a platform where PTs can find all the information they need, up-to-date research, & other resources to help them with their cancer treatment plans for their patients. 

I want to thank each & every one of you for making this podcast possible. I want to thank my husband, Sruti, Melody, Michelle, as well as Dr. Amy Litterini & Dr. Nicole Stout for that life-changing session, as well as all my guests on this podcast. These past three years have been quite the ride, & this podcast has certainly grown beyond my original expectations.

To celebrate TheOncoPT’s three year birthday, I’m doing a special giveaway:

I’m giving away an Ask Me Anything coaching session and all you have to do is give us your feedback on Apple Podcasts! To enter the giveaway, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and then email us a screenshot of your review at Hello@theOncoPT.com. Two winners will be selected & we’ll air their Ask Me Anything coaching sessions on the podcast in 2022.

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