Ep. 159 – What should an OncoPT know about wound care

This week, we’ll hear from Dr. Aubrene Fiore about the importance of wound care in oncology. Many oncology physical therapists lack wound care training, but wounds are very common during cancer treatment. During this episode, Dr. Fiore will walk us through basic wound care, sharing tools, resources, and her expertise. 

There are many types of wounds. She discusses what to look for and how each type of wound is treated. Details that help us identify what kind of wound the patient has and what steps should be taken to treat it, which may include talking to the patient’s doctor. It can be beneficial to the patient’s journey to share this information with the patient’s care team.

Supporting wound care is important. Physical therapy is often recommended after oncology surgery. Cancer physical therapists are constantly in contact with wounds associated with cancer treatments. Having a knowledge of wounds, the patients’ history and current labs can be helpful in treating and preventing wounds. There are many resources that can help an oncology physical therapist better understand wound care.  

Being able to identify, share with the care team, and provide support to your patients is vital. If left untreated, complications may arise. Helping patients find ways to care for themselves is imperative. Understand how to bandage wounds, the importance of hydration, moisture, and self-care, along with resources to access if they are struggling financially. As a result, your patient will have the best chance of healing the wound. 

It’s time to stop being afraid of wound care! You have the tools, resources, and knowledge to handle it!

About Dr. Aubrene Fiore, PT

Dr. Aubrene Fiore PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, CWS, Board Certified Oncologic Physical Therapist received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2003. She achieved her lymphedema certification from the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in 2004, Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) in 2006, wound specialist (CWS) from the American Board of Wound Management in 2008. She was in the first group of therapists to receive the ABPTS board certification in oncology. She practices in the areas of both inpatient and outpatient therapy in Illinois and Florida. She has served as adjunct faculty for many physical therapy programs in Chicago and Florida. Dr. Fiore is a SACE item writer for the Academy of Oncology. Dr. Fiore’s clinical interests include rehabilitation of those with cancer in particular breast, melanoma and those with complications from lymphedema and wounds.

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