Ep. 112 – Rising to the challenge: leading OncoPT in a tiny island nation – Ameera Al Derazi

Headshot of Ameera Al Derazi on white square, background of laptop & stethoscope

What can a beautiful tiny island nation teach us about OncoPT? A lot. Most importantly how to ensure patients get the care they desperately need when there aren’t many OncoPTs around.

Here in the US, we tend to focus on the big urban cancer centers & how to make them better. But we can’t forget about our colleagues & patients in rural areas or even those in health care deserts, without access to multidisciplinary centers.

Ameera Al Derazi is a physiotherapist in Bahrain (check out the map below) who is leading the OncoPT charge & crushing it. She shares how she got started, how she’s helping patients now as one of the few OncoPTs in Bahrain, & how she’s keeping her waiting list short so she can help more patients in a timely manner.

For those of us newer to OncoPT sometimes feeling all alone in this big world, this is an amazing interview you’ll love!

Ameera Al Derazi’s bio

  • Bahraini certified lymphedema physiotherapist trained at Földi Clinic, Germany.
  • 15 Years of experience in cancer patients rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatment.
  • Certified garment fitter qualified in compression garments measurements and applications.
  • Treatment of various types of swelling after different types of surgeries and oncology rehabilitation.
  • Trained in manual therapy and medical taping for treatments of various musculoskeletal disorders and pain.

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Reach out to Ameera on her mobile or WhatsApp: 00-973-3945-9029

If you don’t know where Bahrain is, take a look at the map below!

Bahrain | History, Language, & Maps | Britannica
Map of Bahrain in the Middle East. Blue water, grey land masses, black text of country names.

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