Ep. 106 – #3 Episode of 2020: Summertime Management of Lymphedema with Josh Levin

Podcast episode graphic. Episode 106: #3 Episode of 2020. Josh Levin with two dogs.

It’s time to send this year off with a bang. So before we say hello to 2021, we’re recapping the top 3 episodes of 2020. We looked back at the stats, & your downloads picked these three as your favorites!

Today’s episode is slightly ironic because here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter – in my backyard, it’s cold & sprinkling. BUT – today’s episode is Ep. 76, which is my interview with Josh Levin, President of LympheDIVAs, on summertime lymphedema management.

While it may seem like an out-of-place episode for this time of year, a lot of the skin care principles we discuss are just as important during the dry & cold winter months. Enjoy!

Josh’s Bio

Josh Levin became President of LympheDIVAs in 2010, 3 years after his sister passed away from breast cancer. Before joining LympheDIVAs, Josh had several different career lives. After graduating from Brandeis with a major in psychology and minors in philosophy and classics he started his professional life in public relations and website management for Blissworld (including Bliss Day Spas, Bliss products and the BlissOut catalog) but moved into digital project management for the advertising firm FCBi after two years. After gaining this experience, he returned to graduate school for a completely unrelated field: Underwater Archaeology. After graduating from Texas A&M with a masters in anthropology, he returned to New York City to work for the consulting firm frog design as a project manager. After ascending the corporate ladder to Associate Director, he joined LympheDIVAs where he is able to bridge his product experience, project management and public relations to continue his sister’s machine to help those suffering from lymphedema both physically and emotionally. 

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