Ep. 105 – Tough Lessons Learned from 2020

A lot could be said about 2020. I think an overarching theme is one dumpster fire after another.

But it hasn’t all been a complete disaster. Even some of the things that totally derailed the momentum we had coming into this year have become exceptional teaching moments for OncoPT. I just wish we didn’t have to learn them this way.

Regardless, it’s almost the end of 2020, almost the beginning of 2021, so I’m looking for a clean-ish start with some fresh perspective. Because yes, we could continue to gnash our teeth & stamp our feet (we certainly still have a long way to go). OR, we could salvage some of the plans we had & move confidently in the direction of the new year, with the stuff we learned in 2020.

So what did this cluster of a year teach us? LOTS. Such as…

Healthcare jobs are not guaranteed…

In the ways we’ve always thought. They’re there but what happened to them?

We can’t control what happens.

Despite working in oncology, I still like to think I’m in control of a lot. What a joke.

But we can control what happens between us & our patient.

AKA we can control how we respond to patient scenarios & ultimately make their OncoPT experience a positive one.

Most importantly: what are we going to do with this knowledge? That’s what will define us in 2021.

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