So many PTs struggle with the money side of OncoPT – is it ethical to charge people for cancer rehab?  Am I scamming people?  How am I supposed to make money doing what I love?

Here’s the short answer: you are providing a valuable service, worth every penny.  If you run your clinic out of business, you can’t help anybody.

Feel like you just got punched in the gut?  You’re not alone.

Health care professionals have struggled with the money side of practice for a VERY. LONG. TIME.  And it’s hurting our patients.  Just look at the American health insurance industry.

Paul Wright, founder of Practiceology, helps health care professionals create practices they love, earn more, work less and enjoy their lives.  

In our interview today, we don’t mince words.  Paul even called me out on some of my mindset issues that are hurting my own practice (more on that later, too).  

If you’re looking for the next step to take in your OncoPT practice (as the owner OR employee), you need to listen to this episode NOW.

  • How a bus passing by Paul’s first practice led to him owning 6 highly successful clinics and visiting them for only a few hours a week
  • Why there are only 2 (YES 2) factors which determine the success of any health business – and how failing to understand either of these will leave you chained to your health business forever.
  • Why your accountant is the last person you want to be giving you information on the financial performance of your health business – and the P and L calculation method which will instantly tell you how many hours you should be spending with patients each week.

Seven Critical Mistakes Which Reduce Profits, Increase Stress and Chain You to Your Health Business (Especially in a Pandemic)

  1. Failing to Understand the True Role of Your Business
  1. Falling in Love with Your Product
  1. Falling Victim to the Perfectionist Syndrome
  1. Ineffective, Non-Existent and Un-Supervised Internal Systems
  1. Using Your Accountant to Tell You the Business P and L
  1. Ineffective Recruitment and Retention System
  1. Not Packaging Your Services

Bonus Mistakes (the most important)

  1. Putting a Monetary value on your Family Time
  2. Failing to Put a Monetary Value on Your Work Time

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About Paul Wright

Paul Wright is a Physiotherapist and former owner of multiple allied health clinics in Australia (which he rarely visited). He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “How to Run a One Minute Practice”, founder of the Practiceology™ health business freedom program and has helped thousands of allied health business owners across 57 countries, earn more, work less and enjoy their lives.

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