Ep. 161 – Happy New Year & here’s to the 4th year of TheOncoPT Podcast!

As a result of a three-year passion project, I found a way to help Oncology Physical Therapy. With this podcast, I wanted to share my expertise & that of other experts in the field to support our patients & other providers. I kept recording episodes while I figured out what I wanted this podcast to become & how I could support the oncology community. 

I began studying for the Oncology Specialist Certification with my study buddy Amber in spring 2020. Having gone in the wrong direction for months, we finally found out what was really important. While I passed the test, I wish I had a real plan sooner. The resources provided were overwhelming & often led us down the wrong path. It was at this point that I realized I wanted to create a resource for fellow physical therapists who were preparing for their exams.

After taking the exam, we created the Case Report Crash Course. Our success with this course inspired us to create TheOncoPT Exam Prep Course, the first oncology specialist certification prep course. Based on what our students have said so far, having a plan to guide their preparation has already saved them a lot of time & stress. 

Despite stepping away from clinical work for a bit, I am still making a difference in the world of oncology physical therapy.  The experiences I have gained have definitely reinforced my passion for teaching & have encouraged me to pursue more of these opportunities.  I would like to thank you sincerely for your trust & encouragement over the last three years. It is greatly appreciated.   

I wish TheOncoPT Podcast a very happy third birthday. Here’s to many more. 

To celebrate TheOncoPT’s three year birthday, I’m doing a special giveaway:

I’m giving away an Ask Me Anything coaching session & all you have to do is give us your feedback on Apple Podcasts! To enter the giveaway, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts & then email us a screenshot of your review at Hello@theOncoPT.com. 2 winners will be selected & we’ll air their Ask Me Anything coaching sessions on the podcast in 2022.

To listen to part 1 of our three year birthday celebration, click here!

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